Creating Impact
Through Innovation

Our Vision


Our vision is to develop and bringing new innovative technologies to the forefront of the market and capitalising on the need of the industry for acquiring the rights to innovative new products. We maintain a technologically diverse pipeline at various stages of development, each with the potential to create a paradigm shift in their respective sectors, addressing multiple unmet needs. Due to the fast-moving nature of the technology industry, we are constantly identifying and assessing novel technologies and are currently reviewing a number of technologies and patents. Our innovative business model allows us to approach the sector like never before, to bridge the gap between innovation and commercial success.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to turn bright ideas into a commercial success. We capitalises on pioneering research taking place in academic institutions around the world in a multitude of different sectors. Due to early-stage technologies often being perceived as a high-risk proposition it can often be difficult for any inventor to get an innovative idea off the ground. Development programmes tend to require significant funding to reach a commercially acceptable prototype, with it being difficult to secure private funding and choose an effective development strategy to advance a technology. In recent years it has proven to be even more challenging given the problems in the wider economic environment especially frustrating considering the urgency and importance of technology development and commercialisation. OpenXccess works with a number of collaborative partners, including academic research institutions, technology transfer companies and commercial licensing and development partners. We look to collaborate with partners who share our vision of bringing innovative research to the forefront of the market.


Our purpose

We believe in world where economic growth is sustainable and inclusive . We combine corporate expertise with startup agility in the way we work, the way we think and the way we build propositions. Our business and teams are inter-disciplinary and outcome driven. We deliver meaningful results, we transform businesses with new ways of working, challenge established thinking while building sustainable new ventures. We believe economic growth and social inclusion must always be looked at together and increased overall prosperity can only be achieved along with more equal opportunity and outcomes. Through our services, we're committed to supporting broad-based growth that empowers everyone to contribute and benefit from economic success, both today and tomorrow.

Strategic Advisory Services

In addition to product development and commercialisation activities, we offer strategic advisory services. Understand where to play and how to win in today’s digital world, while planning and enabling for the future. We work with innovators need to exploit their novel technology, corporates wanting access to new innovation and investors seeking the next big idea across variety of sectors. Our commercial deal-making and financial markets experience, are crucial for the understanding of industry deals from commercial and investor perspective. We aim to provide significant value to innovation, by carefully selecting the technologies and companies we work with to ensure the best chance of commercial success.

Build digital strategies and products that change lives

The most successful businesses of the future will be truly digital. Being truly digital means building products and services with modern digital landscape in mind. It's moving beyond digitising analogue products, to truly digital.

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