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OpenCare health and social care one-stop Staffing-as-a-Service Marketplace & Workforce Management Platform provides a dynamic workspace with scheduling, onboarding, and geolocated time-tracking capabilities, designed with the specific needs of health and social care facilities in mind. OpenCare unique solution allows clear communication channels across all stakeholders, from scheduling teams to nurse managers, to meet just-in-time flex staffing and employee scheduling needs. By enabling a streamlined resource planning process, the OpenCare Platform saves precious time improves efficiency, and reduces operating costs. OpenCare aims to disrupt the fragmented inefficient health and social care staffing process by streamlining the process and connecting employers such as hospitals and care homes with nurses faster and more efficiently. OpenCare Platform capabilities include: • Posting job opportunities for instant staffing. • Scheduling workers in real-time. • OpenCare Track accurate, geolocated time and attendance. • OpenCare nurses go through extensive checks, including Right-to-work, References, DBS, NMC, and Work History. • OpenCare rating system ensures nurses stay accountable for their work. Ratings continuously check nurses’ ability. Health & Social Care Professionals can: • Maintain a work schedule that meets your personal and professional needs. • Work at any time of the day or night weekends and holidays. • Enjoy competitive pay, bonuses, and exclusive perks. Health & Social Care providers can: • Maintain optimal staffing levels and consistent, quality care coverage. • Streamline and automate healthcare staffing and scheduling efforts. • Prevent healthcare staff burnout and save money by reducing overtime. • Remove financial and liability risks with our PAYE healthcare professionals.

OpenCare flexible workforce management

OpenCare flexible workforce management capability helps care providers save on costly agency recruitment fees and directly fill temporary shifts saving care and nursing homes money while boosting the quality and continuity of care throughout the sector. OpenCare puts a pool of qualified nurses and carers at the fingertips of care and nursing home managers. The home manager has the option to add a nurse or carer to a list of ‘favourites’, allowing them to easily select individuals for future shifts which helps to achieve continuity of care. OpenCare includes a reviews section, where managers can leave feedback on the nurse or carer a feature to foster a greater sense of accountability. Whereas from a nurse or carer’s perspective, OpenCare provides easy access to and true transparency over the temporary shifts on offer in their local area. Similar to the experience of the care home provider, a nurse or carer can read feedback about the home setting so they can decide if they feel it, is a good fit. The healthcare workforce, with an increasing number of tech-savvy Millennials and Gen Zers, also demands digital self-service solutions across the industry.

Digital Health and Social Care Staffing.

Health and Social Care Market presents a real opportunity for OpenCare Platform to help improve the quality and access of work. OpenCare two-sided marketplace pairs nurses and care workers with health and social facilities with staffing needs. OpenCare is disrupting a very large market traditionally dominated by slow-moving and inefficient brick-and-mortar staffing agencies, where care home hiring managers are manually managing their staffing needs with phone calls and spreadsheets. OpenCare-Staffing-Marketplace transforms this process into a fully digital experience, automating worker onboarding, job posting, matching, and back-office admin. Candidates go through complete background checks including right to work, and police and reference checks before they're allowed on the platform. OpenCare directly connects nurses with open shifts, cutting out agency middlemen so shifts can be filled in real-time faster than any other solution improving the continuity of business across the country.