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Endless Possibilities


Financial Service

We are architecting an open digital financial services platform OpenXccess which goes beyond traditional banking. Our technology infrastructure connects fragmented financial services industry, offering straight through processing, real-time payments, complex clearing, settlements, card processing and account management on a self-service basis.

OpenXccess provide an end to end open banking architecture consisting of Open Building Blocks for digital financial services including composable and reusable components built as microservices, accessible via APIs.


Realtime Payments Platform

We believe that real time payments will go beyond person-to-person and retail, eventually spreading to all markets and this has been triggered by the evolution we have seen in digital and mobile banking platforms. Customers will have the ability to make frictionless real time payments and will enable them to pay for goods or services upon the point of receiving them. OpenXccess digital payments platforms will be extremely effective in allowing people to buy items and make and receive payments at a distance, without any physical presence or cash something that is increasingly essential in this age of social distancing.

OpenXccess goes beyond digital payments, offer digital account functionality. These digital accounts enable customers to carry out financial transactions including government benefit and income support payments, across the world. Yet as the pandemic progresses, gaps and challenges in the payments and banking systems are becoming visible in many countries often driven by the lack of formal ID and the required Know-Your-Customer registration processes.


We are close to launching our first closed loop pilot. The public beta program will begin in mid 2021 followed by Commercial Launch by end of 2021. This will lead to general availability of the OpenXccess Digital Financial Services.

Digital Marketplace

Enabling Global Trade and Commerce

OpenXccess helps local businesses quickly fill permanent and temporary openings with the most qualified professionals in their communities. OpenXccess is the industry leading on-demand staffing solution. Our goal is to provide businesses with local qualified workers quickly and efficiently.

Rising costs, changing regulations and global workforce shortages have created unique talent challenges in the healthcare industry. Given the shortage of healthcare talent in both clinical and non-clinical roles, organizations looking to attract and hire the best candidates need to leverage new and innovative recruitment strategies to remain competitive. OpenXccess Recruitment solutions bring strategy, talent intelligence, experience and technology together to create best-in-class talent acquisition and total workforce management solutions. OpenXccess talent solutions include recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), managed service provider (MSP), total workforce solutions (TWS) and talent advisory capabilities.

The unified talent acquisition model delivered by Progressive Resources can provide your healthcare organization with an agile solution that complements your internal recruiting team. Whether you are in need of new permanent hires, contingent workers or a blend of both.

Digital Innovation

In a fast-paced digital world, the expectations of customers are shifting. A big part of what we do is exploring the innovative digital technologies that are shaping our future. We examine the ideas of tomorrow that are going to impact our world these future-market insights decide how business can take advantage of the latest trends. And because we always place value over technology, it means any innovations we implement solve business and societal challenges.