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We work in technology acquisition, development and commercialisation space. Acquire rights to commercially attractive IP from research institutions and companies, which can be further develop and commercialises through corporate deals. Our advisory division helps innovators commercialise their IP through commercial partnerships, undertakes IP/market due diligence, prepares business plan, marketing materials. We also aims to work with corporates to source early stage IP giving them access to new innovations. Our key area of interest is within Deep Tech defined as technologies based on tangible engineering innovation, that can have a profound impact on sectors including fintech, clean tech, health care, autonomous systems and numerous other sectors.

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We work closely with our clients to put together collaborations and financing in the sectors we specialise. We have an extensive list of contacts at the senior corporate level, on a worldwide basis and across the industry, as well as the financing community. The team's executives have put together numerous deals, including R&D collaborations, strategic alliances, product licensing, acquisitions, disposals, financings and local geography partnering, with NPVs adding to billions of dollars and have expertise in taking companies public.

What we offer

The need in industry for facilitating transactions, research collaborations, and sourcing of finance for smaller companies was the driving force behind our foundation. We assist investors' portfolio companies to raise further finance through new investors and/or corporate deals that also facilitate appropriate exit strategies and provide validation for public markets. Corporate deals are crucial to small companies and investors therefore can and do play a key role in driving corporate deals, much like they drive IPOs. There is an underlying need for alliances on the part of large corporations in order to fuel growth through access to new products and technologies. Whereas the need for partnerships in general has become the norm in the industry, it is still a very specialised field, where people with expertise are crucial for success and internal company resources are often in need of additional support. We do this through Strategic advisory to advice where to play and how to win in today’s digital world, while planning and enabling for the future.

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